Adele Sings Adele

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Adele, the singer, and I have a few things in common. A. The obvious – we share the same name. Along with my 93 year old grandmother, Adele, The Original. B. Adele, the singer, has fabulous nails and is known to WERK her hands. I work with my hands too… C. Adele sang the enchanting […]

From Manicured to Messy: Embracing Imperfection

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I’m someone who’s long suffered from a persistent inner push to do the right thing, say the right thing, look the right way, etc.. I don’t expect others to be ‘perfect’ and I’m not attracted to those who claim to have it all together, yet occasionally I put impossible pressures on myself. Some say this […]

Conversations with My Cat

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Over the past 15 years, my cat, Marvin and I have had a few conversations that have changed my life. Yes, I believe in kooky California crap like animal communication. (I was also taught to believe that trees have feelings and fairies are real). Throughout his life, Marvin has talked to a pet psychic named […]

Little A in the Big Apple

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Between the East and West coasts, there’s a vast glamour gap from gig to gig. In the advertising world, New York is known as the main market for fashion in the US, while Los Angeles is more of a commercial town. Recently I shot a beauty campaign in New York, for Dior cosmetics… …then returned […]

What Pumps Your Adrenaline?

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Today I have a special treat to kick off my new website (hope you all like!). Recently, I enjoyed a stimulating dinner conversion with two of my dearest girlfriends, Dixie Longate, the red headed wonder and Tupperware saleswoman extraordinaire…   …and Mindschmootz (or Mary), another wonder woman of extraordinary heart,  mind… and guts!   Over […]

Hiding Behind Hands

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If you watch TV commercials or read magazines, you may have seen me twist lipstick, stroke cheeks, dip fries, swirl wine, fondle jewels, or swipe credit. Hi, I’m Adele and I’m a hand model. I didn’t plan this life for myself, you could say it was rather handed to me. As a kid, I never […]