Sweet As Honey

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In addition to the great characters in my family, there are also some great characters. The greatest of all would have to be my paternal grandfather, a man who insisted we call him “Honey”. Honey was the meanest and most Catholic person I have ever known. My father, Peter, spent much of his childhood attending […]

A Life In Progresso

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Ever since I was a little, I dreamed of doing something great for the world. I wasn’t a particularly ambitious kid. Besides my nightly prayers for world peace, I was unclear of my personal role in bringing about global harmony. Yet, I trusted that eventually I’d fall into a gratifying line of work which hoped […]

A Raw Deal

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I’m a little lazy and have time management issues, so I rarely make it to the gym. So when I’m asked occasionally how I stay in shape, I usually attribute my no-sweat fitness to genetics, explaining how my father’s abs were about as hard as his partying. I also eat healthy food. I’m not one […]