Adele Sings Adele

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Adele, the singer, and I have a few things in common.

A. The obvious – we share the same name. Along with my 93 year old grandmother, Adele, The Original.

B. Adele, the singer, has fabulous nails and is known to WERK her hands.

adele hands

Adele Nails

Adele ID Cover

I work with my hands too…

Adele Uddo Lisa Nik cover

Adele Revlon copy

Adele Hugh Jackman

C. Adele sang the enchanting theme song for Sky Fall.

I had a small part promoting the Bond-inspired manicure.


Lastly, Adele and I like to sing. However, her voice is exquisitely expressed while mine has been silenced for decades.

Adele Uddo Deborah Lippmann

We don’t share the same inhibition when it comes to singing. As Adele belts out her beautiful voice to the world, winning countless Grammys, and most recently signing a record-breaking $130 million contract with Sony, I have been scared to sing publicly since I can remember.

It all started when I was 5, and sang Rhinestone Cowboy in front of my big Italian family. Despite having difficulty remembering what I did last weekend, that particular memory is burned forever into my psyche as the first feeling of, ‘What the f*ck am I doing?! Get me out of here!’

At first, I was excited to sing, but as soon as all eyes were on me and it was time to PERFORM, I’ve never felt more uncomfortable in my entire life –granted I’d had a short span at that point, but still. For decades since, I’ve done everything to avoid that feeling.

Well…there was that one time I decided to make my second solo singing debut in front of three thousand people at my high school GRADUATION.

I only had one line in the song – Be A Lion, but when my moment came, I looked up at the crowded stands, freaked out and froze. The young voice of my inner critic, Choid chimed softly in my ear: “This moment will change your life forever (not in a good way).” Sure enough, my voice cracked under pressure.

Suddenly, my mouth and throat were no longer connected to my body. The notes came from somewhere, though not from the same voice that had rehearsed hours before.

I may’ve been 18, but I felt 5 again.

After college, I recorded a few songs with a music producer. Yet I was still too shy to get on stage so I told only a few friends, and had them promise to keep my singing a “secret”.

I’ve always been more comfortable in choirs and the chorus. In groups, I could put my whole heart into small parts, supporting the soloist stars to shine.

Adele Evita

Or praising the stars and sky…

gospel choir

The thought of being in leading role TERRIFIED me. Not because I didn’t feel I had it in me…but because I was afraid to be seen, Out There on My Own, like my early idol, Irene Cara. What would they think? Would I be too much? Would I be enough? Would I let myself down…again?

My shrink says I have “visibility issues”. Hence, a career where I can hide behind my hands has come in handy.

Adele Lisa Nik 2

I won’t go into detail about the insecurities that led me to be so stuck. I don’t want to give these fears any more power than they’ve already had in my life.

I’m sick of being scared. I’m not even sure anymore what scares me or WHO IS the big bad bully out to steal my self-esteem. I’m done bowing down to bullies (inner and outer).

If I was kicking out of the chorus line of life anytime soon, singing solo would be on my bucket list. Not because I want a singing career (clearly I never did)… but simply because I refuse to live (or die) full of fear.

It’s been years since I’ve sang (even privately), but last week I signed up for a singing class with the lovely Julia Holland and told my husband Chris to bring his camera. We made a video where I celebrate a singer who always rocks my soul – my inspiration, the great Adele Adkins.

Adele Times Square

Heck, I figure if I can finally fart in front of my husband, I can sing in front of people.

Here goes folks…

This one’s for my cat.

If you’ve hidden some part of yourself, come out in the comments section below. I’d love to hear!

With every part and all my heart,


24 Responses to "Adele Sings Adele"
  1. Justine says:

    Loved it. Love you. Love the gorgeous mirror in the back ground. 😉

  2. Audrey says:

    Way to kick it’s ass girl (the fear!) You rocked it! Shine on

  3. Cori says:

    I love you. In tears.

  4. Beautiful … You have amazing talent Adele … I was a friend of your father-in-law George … My twin sister, Tina, and her husband, Spike, were great friends of George as well ,,, We all miss him … Keep up the singing … You’re a star …

  5. Monika Eads says:

    Adele, I am literally balling. I love you and thanks for sharing your beautiful insides and outs!!! XOXO, Mon

  6. Chal says:

    Brava, Adele! Encore! xo

  7. Lyn Dillin says:

    So, not only are you pretty, successful, funny, smart, and a good writer, but you can sing and you are brave.

  8. Sarah Taylor says:

    Wow! Not only is your voice BEAUTIFUL and coming from such a soulful place, the fact that this has been a fear you’re embracing and moving through is completely inspiring. You are a gift – your voice, your heart, your ability to share yourself with others. Thank you for this! XOX

  9. Tina Karalekas says:

    Adele…..Spike and I both agree……You are VERY, VERY good. Please keep singing. You have a lot of talent.

  10. Leda Maliga says:

    Love you!!! Beautiful! Singing in public is something I hope to do before I die. So much of me is stuck inside with no avenue of expression, even finding the words to speak my truth can be such a challenge. I admire that you’re doing this blog!

  11. Marnie Pomerantz MacLean says:

    Adele, your voice, talent, beauty (inside and out) – all your parts – need to be shared with the world. You make it a better place. Love you

  12. Lyn Dillin says:

    I LOVE your latest blog post, and was blown away by your video and your voice.

    So, not only are you pretty, successful, funny, smart, and a good writer, but you can sing and you are brave. You even chose a difficult song, you did not take the easy way out. I’m also glad you did so your voice’s range could be expressed. You sang not only well, but you made it your own emotionally.

    Good for you, Adele. I will think of this Bold Act of Putting On Your Big Girl Pants the next time I get scared because I’m hanging a piece in a gallery for all to see.
    Thank you. Big kiss.

  13. Mark Uddo says:

    Lots of soul Adele! Beautiful and heartfelt! Keep ’em comin’!

  14. nancy samuels says:

    very impressive Adele. you might give the other Adele a run for her money with a little more practice and some singing lessons! i love everything you do so this is just one more thing. AND kudos for putting yourself out there as much as you do. i still live in the fear! love forever, nancy

  15. Clarita Riccobono says:

    You never cease to amaze me. I am so proud of you. you keep conquering your fears and exposing your hugely talented self to the world and to yourself. please never hide your beauty and talent— you are so gifted and so precious.
    thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Alyssa Boyle says:

    You’re so awesome! Totally made my morning.

  17. shana says:

    Holy hell. I love you, you inspire me. My kids are currently asking, “Mommy, why are you crying? Did that lady die?” Me: “Nope. she just came more alive.” I love you!!!!

  18. Lynn says:

    Yet another brilliant way you keep stepping out into the world and shining your beautiful light! It has been amazing to watch and I am so proud of you and inspired. You’re a wonderful example for me. Love you so so much:)

  19. Nina says:

    My darling Adele, you will always be my Cornflake Girl – you introduced me to Tori Amos and I was overwhelmed by your beautiful voice. You should have been singing all this time. Anyway, I am super proud of you coming out and giving it a go – keep on now, I want to hear more xxx I am so happy for you – much love Nina

  20. Judith Walton says:

    Wow Adele! Who knew you’d been hiding that great voice. Thanks for sharing it with us and all of your inspiring words. Once again Congratulations on all of your success. Sending lots of love.?

  21. Michele says:

    Love you, lady! Bravo!

  22. Tina Karalekas says:

    Adele… are an amazing talent. Keep it up please. And, please give Chris our love. Hope to meet you one of these days.

  23. Mary says:

    Hey, it’s no Rhinestone Cowboy, but…

    I’m so very proud of you and what you have accomplished. I’ve repeatedly commented that your heart is your most amazing part, and I’m delighted that you opened it to show us your soul. Keep it up, my friend, the world is your star-spangled rodeo…enjoy the ride.

  24. Adele says:

    I’m so touched these comments. Thank you ALL! Much love and appreciation x

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