An Intimate Interview with My 93 Year Old Grandmother ?

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A year before my grandmother passed, I took a camera to New Orleans and sat with her for a few special days. We discuss her love for opera and beauty, romance, ‘sexy love,’ her anti-feminist ways, family…and more. I hope her beautiful heart helps bring a little light to the present world. Make some tea and please join us! ?

In honor of Women’s History Month and all the incredible women who came before us and continue to inspire our spirits.

Please share stories about your ancestors or any women who have helped shape who you are today in the comments. I love hearing your stories!

2 Responses to "An Intimate Interview with My 93 Year Old Grandmother ?"
  1. Paul says:

    I absolutely adore your grandmother, her strength, courage, knowledge, love for family and life. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sarah Taylor says:

    Such a strong, lovely presence who is, no doubt, still guiding and supporting you! Thanks for sharing her world and her heart.

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