Hand Job with Tyler Nilson

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Today I worked on a commercial, but instead of retiring in boredom to my usual cubbyhole next to wardrobe, I was entertained by the wonderfully weird, Tyler Nilson, “the most prolific hand model in this entire universe,” according to himself. Fortunately, the celestial success of this handy man hasn’t yet made him into a genuine […]

Nobody Nose the Trouble I’ Seen

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You may recall my grandfather Honey, was born with a hemangioma birthmark, and thought by his own mother to have been marked by the Devil.   Fortunately, when I turned up with the same blemish, no one believed it to be Satan’s stamp. Yet according to my mother, Clarita Riccobono, the birthmark left a lasting […]

That’s Amore

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The concept of family for me was defined most by my Aunt Nettie (my mom’s eldest sister) and my Uncle Frank (my dad’s cousin). Two Uddo boys married a couple of Riccobono sisters, and the relationships that evolved were as diverse as all four individuals.   One of Nettie’s and Frank’s signature songs (they had […]

What Gives Me the Write?

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By now, you might be wondering why I would to do a such crazy thing like write publicly about myself and my family? To begin, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write. Not long after I could spell my own name, I was jotting down thoughts, insights, rants…even some song lyrics I had […]

What Pumps Your Adrenaline?

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Today I have a special treat to kick off my new website (hope you all like!). Recently, I enjoyed a stimulating dinner conversion with two of my dearest girlfriends, Dixie Longate, the red headed wonder and Tupperware saleswoman extraordinaire…   …and Mindschmootz (or Mary), another wonder woman of extraordinary heart,  mind… and guts!   Over […]

Driving Miss Deli

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When I was 12 years old, my dad taught me how to drive while he sat in the passenger seat, smoking a joint and reading the newspaper. Blocking his view of the road, with a sprawling sport’s section, he puffed away leisurely at a fat roach and a few cigarettes. When it came time to […]

Sweet As Honey

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In addition to the great characters in my family, there are also some great characters. The greatest of all would have to be my paternal grandfather, a man who insisted on being called “Honey”. Honey was the MADdest and most Catholic person I have ever known. My father, Peter, spent much of his childhood attending […]

To Be Perfectly Blunt

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Last week I was Emily Blunt’s hand double on an Yves Saint Laurent commercial. Within minutes of telling my friend Mary the news, her girlfriend emailed me requesting a picture of Emily. Snapping pictures of celebrities is generally considered unprofessional, so I told her see I’d see what I could do. Then googled “Emily Blunt” […]

Another Day In Paradox

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My home on a California commune may have been on the same planet as my other life in New Orleans, but it was a whole other world. These two cultures collided most when it came to food. In New Orleans, I was all but force fed by my Italian relatives. Food was the centerpiece of […]

A Life In Progresso

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Ever since I was a little, I dreamed of doing something great for the world. I wasn’t a particularly ambitious kid. Besides my nightly prayers for world peace, I was unclear of my personal role in bringing about global harmony. Yet, I trusted that eventually I’d fall into a gratifying line of work which hoped […]


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