Little A in the Big Apple

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Between the East and West coasts, there’s a vast glamour gap from gig to gig. In the advertising world, New York is known as the main market for fashion in the US, while Los Angeles is more of a commercial town. Recently I shot a beauty campaign in New York, for Dior cosmetics… …then returned […]

Love, With All My Parts

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I’ve always believed being beautiful would promise love and a life with less heartache. So I became a model…actually, a hand model. Technically speaking, a “parts” model, since at my height, I was fortunate to get a foot in the door of fashion… I thought that working in the beauty biz would bestow me with […]

Hand in Marriage

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According to the stats-counter on my website, I’m occasionally searched as “Adele Uddo gay?” Guess the pussycat’s out of the bag. Believe it or not, I grew up straight  – at least this lifetime. My friend, Sarah, and I were once told by a nutty naturopath that we were “gay lovers” in some other century. […]

Living the McDream

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It’s no shock that advertising is a universe of smoke and mirrors. The perfectly polished pictures we see in magazines and commercials take multi-talented teams to pull off.  Images and ideas are often as manufactured as the products being sold. On a recent shoot for an aftershave product, I ran my paws through Patrick Dempsey’s […]

Merry Mardi Gras

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The last time I was in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, I was six years old parading around as voodoo queen, Marie Laveau. Like most kids growing up in the Big Easy, I anticipated Mardi Gras with as much excitement as I did on Christmas. Last month, I learned the roots of Mardi Gras celebrations […]

Dark Knight

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There’s a fine and excruciating line between dreams and nightmares. When I was 12 years old, I went to New York City for the first time. My Uncle Joe and his bride-to-be were deeply in love, and the whole family was coming from New Orleans to celebrate a joyful affair. For weeks, I awaited the […]

High Times

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If asked about God, the 10-year-old inside me would pull a picture of my dad. Even today, I relate my highest and happiest moments with Him. Granted, my father’s mythical majesty was often fueled by a potent combination of coke, booze, pot, pills, horse…and any hottie he could get his hot blooded hands on. My […]

Grandmother’s Garden

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Recently, I traveled to New Orleans and stayed at my Grandmother’s home, a stately symbol of stability, much like its elegant owner, Adele Uddo (The Original). At 88, Grandmother is one of the last remaining Southern Belles, delightfully polite, wonderfully charming and always well put together. Until this past visit, I’d never seen Grandmother in […]


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As I type away, chestnuts roast in the kitchen (not on an open fire, but still). This holiday season I’m filled with an unusual sense of cheer, along with some extra gratitude. The past year was a turning point for me, confirming change occurs quickly when fueled by a strong intention. Twelve months ago I […]


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I often feel like something is wrong, as if I’m missing out, or simply missing the point. Like an ever-present prompt, reminding me that the other shoe looms close by, hanging from a slim string. I’m advised constantly by my meddling mind that things are not quite right…and yet, the answer to solving my persistent […]


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