My Interview with Forbes

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Recently, I was shooting Christmas ornaments for a Target catalog in humid summer heat, when I received a phone call from a reporter at Forbes Magazine, who said she wanted to interview me for a story about parts modeling.

I agreed to meet her the next day over coffee to discuss the wild world of hand modeling. Yet when I checked my email moments later, there was a message from Natalie the reporter, saying she’d rather I come to the Forbes building, and run some “b camera” as part of the interview. Apparently, Natalie was legit (I had wondered until she stated the address on Fifth Ave).


Suddenly my nerves hit a high note. I’m always up for conversation over coffee, but being filmed in the process of anything impromptu freaks me out.

I may not appear camera shy…

Adele Uddo lingerie

Sure, I’m comfortable communicating with body parts, or posing behind a mask of makeup, or playing a character…but put me in front of more than 10 people, and worst yet FILM me ad-lib, and I can become a bumbling buffoon. Or at least that’s my fear, since I’ve successfully avoided public speaking and/or being filmed in real-life format most of my life.

We all have particular hot spots of fear, and mine happen to be banana slugs…and when certain things are out of my hands. In this case, I knew I’d have no control over the questions, editing, or how I’d be perceived…and was becoming increasingly more nervous at the idea of interviewing for Forbes – in fact, the prospect was more intimidating than anything I’ve encountered on the East Coast to date.

But this is a new chapter dammit, and I’m working in New York to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone and GROW. Of course I would seize this wonderful opportunity!

As I contemplated my new attitude, the universe cheered me on with a horoscope, which read: “Set up an interview, or send out your resume. Do something to market yourself.”

So I promptly answered Natalie, and said I’d be there the next day, and was looking forward to the interview.

When the Target job wrapped, I walked home from Pier 59 Studios, feeling ready for the world!

Until…my ol’ pal Choid, the bastard alien who lives inside my mind and points out potential problems, chimed in with a few warnings: “You know, this could be like that time you forgot what you were saying in college speech class, and stopped talking while the whole class stared, and that feminist lesbian teacher asked how you felt, and you mumbled something inaudible, hoping no one noticed your brain/body collapse, while you prayed you’d become invisible…but of course you didn’t disappear, and you still feel like an ass ‘til this day.”

Suddenly my idea of growth sounded as stupid as I might sound if I forgot who I was tomorrow.

Could I live with myself if I backed out of the interview? Could I be ultimately fulfilled hiding behind my hands my entire life?

NO. Move over Choid, I’m doing this interview. Whether I hyperventilate or not.

The next day, after a few hurried trips to the toilet, I arrived at the historic Forbes building and was led up a beautiful marble staircase, into a library where CEO’s usually sit to analyze big business.

Forbes library

“Good thing you’re not talking trade or politics today, or you’d really embarrass yourself,” said Choid. “You don’t fit in here. This place is for smart, rich, white men.”

Forbes lobby

“I doubt that old dress is going to work on camera. Most people on TV have stylists, and professional hair/makeup. You have none of that Kardashian confidence that’s so common nowadays. This could be bad…real bad.”

As I took a seat, I informed Choid this is not TV, and to kindly CUT THE CRAP.

Fortunately, once Natalie and I began to talk, I felt increasingly comfortable. I actually enjoyed myself, as if I was chatting with an old friend. It felt no different than if we were having coffee together (except there were two other people in the room operating cameras, and occasionally asking questions).

My wise 91 grandmother has often repeated, “Over 90 percent of my worries never came true.”

Guess grandmother knows best! I had a lot of fun at Forbes, and in the process, overcame an old fear. It was an honor to be invited into an old and impressive world. Heck, I may not fit in…but I did my best, and did my part.

Forbes Adele

To check out the full interview click here.

To watch the video (where I didn’t hyperventilate), click here, or watch below.

11 Responses to "My Interview with Forbes"
  1. Sarah Taylor says:

    You are great in that interview! I love how you’re talking back to Choid and are in the driver’s seat of your life! Go go go grooooow! XO

  2. Sophie says:

    Amazing interview. So lovely to get my Adele fix on this Friday morning. You are such an inspiration. xoxoxo

  3. lynn newman says:

    This interview is the first of many to come. Congrats on your career taking off so beautifully. I cant wait to see what you do next. I’m a fan!

  4. Marnie Pomerantz MacLean says:

    Adele, you’re beautiful inside and out! Every part. Great job!

  5. Chris G says:

    It’s about time they recognized you. Way to go, honey! I bet you loosened up that old place.

  6. Shana Barrett says:

    Uuuummmm….I’m sorry, FORBES just interviewed you. You are an amazing woman that I love and admire!!!

  7. TC says:

    So cool that you gave choid a good piece, or should I say good “part” of your mind and went to the Forbes interview. Stretching is good for the body and mind. Too bad people can’t see ALL of your body parts because they are all beautiful. All of your parts add up to one beautiful Adele.

  8. DD says:

    Such a wonderful interview! It’s nice to see all those parts “put together” with voice 🙂

    I swear we are kindred spirits. In college I completely froze in my Interpersonal Communications class (it was allowed in lieu of god-forsaken Speech class) when all I had to do was say how the item I was holding represented who I was. I also clammed up in an interview for a job. Both occurrences had me with a rapidly beating heart and one of those out of body experiences where I heard myself saying, “SAY something! Say ANYthing!” It’s true! You never forget how those moments felt, partly because those bastards like CHOID don’t let you forget.

    My sister’s, their daughter’s (my beautiful nieces), and I often send each other tidbits back and forth through email and text that include things like recipes, jokes, encouraging words, etc… There was one email my sister sent recently about “Is Your Brain Growing?” The author of the article stated how he praises his son’s perseverance with difficult things, like learning how to say a new word, rather than praising him for things he was already good at. The idea behind it being that our brains are a muscle and need challenges to grow!

    Obviously there was much more to the article but, one of my nieces (who is wise beyond her years) replied, “Good stuff! I fully believe that our best opportunities for growth exist outside of our comfort zone.” Darn those young people! So smart! 🙂

    So, my Dear One, when CHOID makes his appearance once again, which I’m sure he will in BOTH our worlds, let us just give him a kick in the butt and embrace whatever struggle comes forth! Hooray to you for flipping CHOID the bird and tackling your fear! It CAN be done! Thank you for sharing such an inspiring moment!


    • Adele Uddo says:

      Dammit DD you make me laugh…and think. Thanks for always sharing back your great stories, and pointing out the similarities between us…and I imagine, many others. Everyone has their own version of Choid-chat. Hopefully that negative mechanism of your mind takes a hike this weekend, and you enjoy the final few days of summer xo

  9. teefury says:

    Amazing interview

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