Hiding Behind Hands

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If you watch TV commercials or read magazines, you may have seen me twist lipstick, stroke cheeks, dip fries, swirl wine, fondle jewels, or swipe credit. Hi, I’m Adele and I’m a hand model.

I didn’t plan this life for myself, you could say it was rather handed to me. As a kid, I never once gazed longingly into a wish-pond and thought to myself, “One day, my hands will be all over the WORLD.”

People often ask me if my hands are insured (or if I’ve seen the Seinfeld episode where George becomes a hand model). The answer to both questions is no. But in reference to the first, I’m hoping my karma this lifetime won’t involve a major accident with a paper shredder.

Sure, I’m grateful I’ve landed a career that pays me more to reveal the inside of a steamy Toaster Strudel or slice into a tomato, than some doctors to biopsy more serious matter. I’m not however a palm-stroking, self-adoring hand-diva who wears gloves while eating, riding elevators, or getting busy. Why, I’ve even been known to tie my own shoes and shake hands without protection!

I used to be a bit embarrassed to admit I live one hand job to the next. How can I take myself seriously when I’m judged from the wrist-down?

Funny, I once ‘judged’ blogs as self-indulgent and personal websites as narcissistic, and as of today I have both. A sprinkle of attitude and a dash criticism seems to be my recipe of defense whenever I’m on the sidelines looking in at those more willing to actively play the game of life.

I’m not sure what my ultimate role is on the team of humanity, but I sincerely hope to someday contribute more to society than nice nail beds. But in the meantime, here I am cyber-world with my self indulgent blog…though no longer on the sidelines hiding behind my hands.

11 Responses to "Hiding Behind Hands"
  1. Lynn Zavaro says:

    YAY For this first blog Adele! Can't wait to see how you are going to contribute more to society through this blog!!! Keep it coming:) Love, Lynn

  2. Lynn Zavaro says:

    p.s. LOVE THE PICS!!!!

  3. Chris Glatis says:

    Honey, I am so proud of you. Finally, everyone else will get to breathe a little bit of the air I breathe every single day of my life. You are amazing.

  4. jerryz says:

    I started chuckling in the first sentence. Funny stuff, really. Please write more.

  5. Lyn Dillin says:

    Your book is written? Can you post excerpts?
    Happy New Year!

  6. Lyn Dillin says:

    Have you finished your book? Will you post some excerpts?
    I'm glad you started the blog! Happy New Year ~

  7. Adele Uddo says:

    Thank you so much for these kind comments everyone! Lynn, I’m still writing the book, but hoping the blog will work in creative conjunction… I will definitely post excerpts. Subscribing to or 'following' the blog is the best way to stay tuned! 🙂

  8. Comedy Karma says:

    Chip Chooooo! Your writing is funny warm and real! We need your voice. Yippeee!

  9. entertained1 says:

    oh Lovely, Princess


  10. Christopher Myers says:

    Awesome Adele- You have always had the sharpest sense of humor and gift of the written word- a blog seems like a great fit- I'll be sure to check it out! Rock on sista'

  11. maryea says:

    LOVE the Gazebo photo!!
    We met at school the following year If I recall? My how life zooms on by….
    Bravisimo on your blog!
    Love Maryea 🙂

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