Things I’ve Learned Since Launching a Startup

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I haven’t blogged since this time last year when I launched a skincare business and it’s felt like I’ve been sprinting full-speed ever since. I had no idea what this new undertaking would require of me. Had I known, I probably would’ve stayed safe (and stuck) inside my comfort zone.

I once had the naive thought that all I needed was a knowledge of what makes a great moisturizer and a love of making lotion. But running a business and making it successful is a lot more involved than creating a product I’m passionate about. Cue reality check. Startups are hard work!

Startups are full of things that have nothing to do with great skincare. Endless tedious tasks, many of which I’m highly insecure about -like numbers! LOTS of numbers. Lots of quick decisions. Technology, public speaking, WooCommerce (WooWho?), hours on the phone with GoDaddy, website building, graphic design, writing copy, packaging, sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, photo shoots, wholesale accounts, inventory management, order fulfillment, customer service, creating content for social media, marketing, research, following up with people, remembering to follow up with people…

Last year I slept less than 14 hours. At least it felt that way. Since the launch on Valentines Day, my mind has been in overdrive and I’ve never multi-tasked so much in my life. Being ‘present’ was not a priority on my overwhelming to-do list.

I’ve dropped the ball in some areas and I’m unable to keep up in others. But I’ve learned that’s ok. I’ve realized I don’t have to spread my energy everywhere trying to be/do everything at once. So what I’m not someone who Instagrams stories every day.  Big deal I’m not blogging. Of course I’m not as smooth as a seasoned CEO. And who knew I could delegate some of the stuff I’m not so skilled at -like accounting. I hope in time to have a kickass team to help me accomplish more in the future, but for now, I’m doing the best I can…and that is finally feeling like enough.

Despite little self-care and more anxiety than I’ve had in years, I wouldn’t change anything. I’ve grown right along with my lotion love child.

The most important thing is having a product I’m proud to share. In the past, I’ve criticized my own perfectionism, but when it comes to creating something of exceptional quality, it requires a whole lot of testing, obsessing, rejecting, redoing, researching and perfecting. Every part of us, even the ol’ annoying perfectionist, has a special purpose when in its rightful place.

It pays off to invest early and work with the best…

If most consumers don’t know what makes an exceptional and effective ingredients list, the experts will…

Best skincare products of 2018” – US Weekly

My obsession… After just one application I was hooked”  – Byrdie Beauty

SI Models love this natural moisturizer” – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Fell in love with this AMAZING cream today! Using it on Kate Upton.” – Tracy Murphy Celebrity Makeup Artist

Makes my pre-shoot/makeup free skin so fresh and dewy. Obsessed!”  – Jasmyn Wilkins Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

I use it on everyone I work with! The quality is amazing. It provides tons of moisture without feeling greasy or heavy. My clients love the way it makes their skin glow.” – Christina Aviles Celebrity Manicurist for Gal Gadot, Jenna Dewan, Viola Davis and more

My biggest reward has been hearing your stories. Word of mouth is the main way this business has grown.  I’m truly touched by the testimonials and customers who have come from other people raving about Essentiel.

I am most grateful for your support! And as a gesture of my gratitude, I’m offering a 20% discount through Valentines Day. Use code LOVE20 and treat yourself and your loved ones to touchable nourished healthy skin.

I hope that my journey inspires others to begin building on their dreams. Even on days that feel frustrating, may we all move forward and keep creating.

Here’s to another year of extraordinary growth for all of us! From my heart to yours, thank you for being in my life and motivating me every day.


20 Responses to "Things I’ve Learned Since Launching a Startup"
  1. Lisa says:

    You are amazing. So glad you stepped out of your “comfort zone”. Your moisturizer love child is a miracle lotion to me! Keep up the great work.

    • adele says:

      Lisa, hearing feedback like yours is why I keep going… Thank you! I’m so happy you’re loving the lotion. Messages like this makes all the years of work leading up to this past year feel absolutely worth it 😉 Happy Sunday!

  2. Sarah T. says:

    I love the wisdom that the perfectionism is put to good use in creating a lotion that is truly excellent. And then the wisdom in seeing that YOU don’t have to be perfect. You’re doing amazing! And I’m so glad you started this biz! Happy Essentiel anniversary!

    • adele says:

      Yes, great distinction! Thank you for pointing that out. And for your wonderful lotion love. It loves you right back! x

  3. Keith says:

    AND, just imagine all the money you save not needing to hire a hand model! Great work. Nothing ever made from heart, mind and body and soul (that is worth a damn) didn’t result in some scuffed knees and long nights. You are perfectly on path sis.

    • adele says:

      Hahaa Keeks! Yes, how very handy that I don’t have to hire a hand model. It’s those OTHER expenses. And yes, the scuffed knees…but I’m making it through the other side and I deeply appreciate the reflection that I’m on path 🙂

  4. Clara Rita Riccobono says:

    I think you’re amazing and so is your lotion. One of the things I love about you most is how you use everything in your life to grow yourself. You’re very real and honest as you process life out loud with us. Great work great product. You inspire me cuz you keep on taking on extremely interesting challenges. You’re a rare beauty inside and out. Rock the world baby girl. ?

    • adele says:

      This one puts tears in my eyes. Thank you mom. I know you don’t usually comment on these things, and I especially appreciate your love on this one. So much of what went into these bottles and what drives me comes from you x

  5. Amy Doublet says:

    Congratulations Adele!
    What an amazing baby you birthed…
    a labour of love reflecting your beauty and love.
    Can’t wait to witness its continued growth.
    Your efforts, integrity & transparency ensure much success.

    • adele says:

      Thank you dear Amy! So wonderful to hear from you. Boy I could use some of your magic 😉 Hugs and hope you are well!

  6. Frank says:

    A great product and an even better person. Very proud of your success and growth this past year.

  7. shana j barrett says:

    The lotion is such an extension of you! Amazing, impressive, luxurious and au natural!!

  8. Nancy says:

    All I can say, i think you are doing a fabulous job and I hope this year is easier for you so you can enjoy the “fruits” of your labor a bit more. I can speak for myself, and I imagine many others, when I say that I am thrilled you developed your Love Child because I can’t imagine putting anything else on my skin anymore. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • adele says:

      I am so happy that you are so in love with the lotion Nancy! You are someone who knows all about health and great nutrition, so to have your passionate endorsement means so much to me. Muuah! x

  9. Margaret says:

    Truth may not always be pretty, but there is nothing so beautiful. I love your courage to tell the truth of entrepreneurs! Bravo and congratulations on year one…

    • adele says:

      I’m so grateful that we connected Margaret. There are a some people who have come through social media who truly touch my heart. Thanks for being one of them xx

  10. Susan says:

    Adele, you come from a family of strong, valiant women… never doubt your talent and abilities. Your lotion is amazing and your skills are more than praise worthy!❤️

    • adele says:

      Susan, thank you so much! Yes, there’s strong lineage there. I hope to make them proud. And inspire the youngins to take risks and express themselves.

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