My Lotion Love Child

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I’m often asked how I care for my skin and my motto has remained the same for many years. One word: Moisture.

No, I don’t use some fancy caviar crème on my hands, or sea urchin oil on my feet, or dab my eyes with snake venom and nightingale poop. (Those are actual ingredients found in certain skincare products!).  I use one lotion for my face, hands and body, made with exceptional ingredients, many of which I grew up with as a hippie kid in California.

I was introduced to natural skincare decades before it was popular. At that time, I wanted to be like the cool kids who had chemicals in their food and face products. Everyone was using commercial brands like Clinique and I was the dork with the homemade goldenseal toner and European biodynamic products no one could pronounce.

After a rough rebellious phase where I secretly sneaked sugary foods and applied conventional skincare behind a locked bathroom door…eventually I returned to an appreciation of the ancient wisdoms I learned long ago.

In fact, many of the modalities my manic-organic mother enforced eventually became elective lifestyle choices, like essential oils, which I’ve used daily for decades. But when I was 14, and wanted to impress my peers with Paloma Picasso perfume, I was handed a small brown bottle of rose oil.

Who needs Bonnie Bell lip gloss and designer jeans when you can look like this and smell like an actual flower child?

During a lecture from my mom, I learned that most trendy toilette waters contain ‘fragrance,’ which when listed as an ingredient, can be composed of several chemicals. Many are now known to cause allergic reactions and some have been labelled carcinogenic. Ok, maybe it wasn’t as alluring after all to smell like a deceased artist’s daughter.

Soon I began to love the scent of essential oils and learned that these oils have many health benefits and are GREAT for skin. The antioxidants in one ounce of clove oil is equivalent to that in 450 pounds of carrots!

Years later, I began parts modeling and needed to keep my skin ‘camera-ready’ for macro close-ups. EVERY part of me is magnified under the lens, so even my nails must be well nourished. Ever notice how dry nails become brittle and break? I wanted a lotion with a lovely relationship to photographic light so I got the ‘glow’, yet didn’t feel greasy or look shiny – something fine enough for my face that would also treat my body parts with the same premium quality.

So I took matters into my own hands and began experimenting in my kitchen, making lotion with my favorite natural ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Coffee Berry, Raspberry Leaf Extract, MSM, Calendula, Coconut and Olive Oil, Frankincense, Shea Butter, Helichrysum, Geranium, Lavender essential oils…and more.

When friends, who sampled my homemade potions, began asking for more moisturizer, I teamed up with a top formulator to take my lotion love child to the next level.

After years of obsessing, testing and perfecting, we created a moisturizer I’m proud to put on my face and ALL parts.

So here’s the quick pitch: If you’re overwhelmed by the massive amount of skincare products on the market, Essentiel Moisture is a simple solution to having high-quality skincare at an affordable cost in one beautiful bottle.

You don’t need a bazillion bottles in your bathroom (and you don’t need to spend a bazillion dollars) – you simply need a few potent products that work. Personally, I’ve gotten the best results using minimal skincare products of maximum quality.

When you’re giving your skin the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy and hydrated, it doesn’t matter if it goes on your nose or your toes.

I am so happy to hear the great results so far, and hope anyone interested in trying this product will have more success stories to share. For a limited time, I’m offering 25% discount to friends. Just add code LOTIONLOVE

Thank you for taking the time to read about the birth of this new baby. It’s taken me many years, countless lotion-incarnations, much love, commitment and faith to find the perfect formula for healthy skin and I’m excited to share it with you!

Please spread the LOTIONLOVE promo and let people know the website is live with tons of info about the product and process.

My moisturizer won’t end hunger or bring world peace, but it does donates a portion of the proceeds of every bottle to NOLA Tree Project. Our commitment to quality is good for the planet and great for skin.

I hope Essentiel Moisture helps you enjoy healthy vibrant skin and that you love this special lotion as much as I do!


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16 Responses to "My Lotion Love Child"
  1. Janna B says:

    Hi Deli❤ I just ordered and I can’t wait to use your love lotion…i know I’m gonna love it too! Hugs and kisses and I’m so proud of You! Love you cousin!

    • Nancy says:

      Hey Adele. You know I’m using it and loving it and giving the small purse-size bottles to every one of my friends for their birthdays so they can experience it too! I know using your lotion isn’t going to make me look like YOU, but I hope it keeps me from shriveling up like a dried prune. I love the idea of ONE lotion for everything because I was using multiple products. This makes it easy. Love it and you!!

  2. Janna B says:

    Hi Deli❤ I just ordered and I can’t wait to use your new love lotion, I know I’m gonna love it too! Hug and kisses and I’m so proud of You! Love you cousin!

  3. Monika Eads says:

    Lady! I love this lotion so much❤️ My daughter Dylan had THE most sensitive skin and I have been lathering her up with Essentiel after baths. She loves the smell as much as I do and her skin loves it too! Thanks for sharing this gift!

  4. Sarah T. says:

    This lotion is amazing and I’m addicted to how it smells. Both RG and I have been using it. I notice a difference in my skin and his skin is absolutely glowing! Thank you for putting in the effort to create such a wonderful offering! ?

    • adele says:

      I love hearing that you and RG are noticing a difference in your skin and getting the glow!! Thank you for this feedback! xx

  5. Nancy Samuels says:

    What’s not to love about this lotion? It smells superb, it goes on smoothly and leaves no unwanted film and is as natural as is humanly possible. I can feel the love and attention that went into the making of Essentiel. Now it’s my new love child too! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Cami says:

    After using endless different lotions, serums and moisturizers over my years i have never had a product that completely moisturized my skin as yours. Thank you for creating and sharing your beauty secrets with us.

    • adele says:

      It’s wonderful to hear that the lotion is giving you results you haven’t previously experienced. Love that!! Thank you for sharing x

  7. Nancy Lee says:

    If using this lotion will make my skin look like Adele’s, I’m all in. Thank you for creating this beautiful product.

  8. Kim says:

    I tried to order using the LOTIONLOVE code – did it already expire?

    • adele says:

      Hi Kim! It did expire, but I’m happy to pass along this code for your first order: first20

      Hope you enjoy the lotion! Here’s to happy healthy skin 🙂

  9. Kim mclain says:

    I tried the lotionlove code, but it wouldn’t work. ?

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