Like Mother, Like Demon

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Yesterday I found out I’m a Demon. Yep, that’s what Vedic astrologer, Carol Allen, told me moments after glancing at my chart. She also told me I’m ruled by the “hasta” constellation, which in Hindu, translates to “hands”. Huh.

Vedic astrology is the traditional astrology of the Indian subcontinent that emphasizes the “temperament” of individuals. Apparently each person falls under one of three categories of temperaments: Angels, Humans and Demons.

Angels are typically traditional and conservative people, concerned with principles of morality. They often follow dogmatic “rules” and occasionally push these upon others. They buy into what’s written in the books, working well within established systems and structures. Carol describes the hearts of Angels as “open”, but warns their minds can become black and white.

By contrast, Demons are the most unconventional of the three. Demons make great innovators, creative artists, revolutionaries (even outlaws), as they buck systems attempting to “find their own truth”. Ghandi was a Demon, who led a revolution through nonviolence, bringing about much needed change by challenging slavery and an archaic caste system.

While Angels draw within the lines, Demons think outside the box.

Then there are Humans, the “well balanced” sector of society, according to Carol. Humans mix well with all temperaments by adopting the behaviors and beliefs around them, causing them to occasionally “lack personality”. Apparently Humans make great actors.

Specific temperaments are not always easy to identify, unless you’re Jerry Falwell – an extreme example of a righteous Angel. Or take old Blue Eyes – likely a rebel Demon who insisted on doing it, “Myyyy Waaaay.” And I’m guessing, Fred Rodgers was likely a Human, who got along with everyone (including puppets).

In other words, Angels point the finger, Demons give the finger, and Humans keep their thumbs up.

Apparently my mother, like me, is also a Demon. No doubt that a woman who skips out of suburbia, against the wishes of her Sicilian parental patriarch…

…with two “fatherless” children in a dilapidated school bus named after a Grateful Dead album, heading west to the Promised Land for potheads, in order to “find love”…is clearly showing signs of a developing Demon.

Good Girl:

Lady Demon:

She and her Demon Generation challenged the status quo, breaking many time worn barriers, expanding their minds and society into new frontiers where issues like freedom and equality gained new ground.

However, like a typical Demon child, I progressed quite differently than my progressive Demon mother. Early on I noticed that while rebelling against the establishment, hippies often established their own new set of rigid rules. The yogis in charge were some of the most inflexible people I’ve known.

So, instead of joining drum circles, I marched to a different beat – usually in the confines of my bedroom, longing to reunite with my “normal” gluten-n-dairy-eating family in New Orleans, while singing along to Xanadu.

When I left home, I began my own experimentation. Challenging the feminist ideals of my mother and the veganism of my youth, I injected “murdered animal” into my mouth, earning me the title of Poster Lips for Collagen, and launching me into the world where I’d become an objectified body-parts model.

Mom and I still have our differences, yet we stand united in our quest for “truth”. While we are shadows of one another, we are also mirrors of each other, sharing a deep, mutual and continued desire to “find love”…

10 Responses to "Like Mother, Like Demon"
  1. girlseeksworld says:


  2. Lynn Zavaro says:

    Tears in my eyes of the love between you and your mother. LOVED THIS BLOG! Really. So good! I definately "give the finger" – terrific analogy and I love your sense of humor blended with openness and honesty. Go Adele!

  3. Adele Uddo says:

    Thank you lovely ladies sooo much! Lynn I also teared up when I uploaded that last pic 🙂

  4. Healthy Iva says:

    You are beautiful and hillarious….what a deadly combination! LOVE YOU GIRL! XOXO
    Keep writing…you are HOT!

  5. Comedy Karma says:

    I looooved this!! No two demons are alike, as evidenced by you and your mom! How perfect! Sounds like there are many ways to embody each archetype. (and let's hope I'm embodying the "angel" archetype in much better ways than it sounds here…yikes!!)
    Keep it up! We are all eagerly awaiting the next posting…

  6. Adele Uddo says:

    Thank you CK! I'd also say no two Angels are alike. I pointed out extreme examples (The Demon outlaw and the preaching Angel), but of course there are many variations in between. And as this Demon will point out, no system (even astrology) is full proof and absolute. 😉

  7. Mindschmootz says:

    Adele, you are very insightful. You are correct in your earlier assumption that I am a demon…though god knows I tried so hard to be an angel. I tried to color within the lines…hell, I even tried to outline the lines to add definition, but demons defy definition and confinement. I want to believe my mother was a demon; I have heard stories of her youth that make me pump my fist in solidarity. I quickly found that society is a demon-slayer, and unless you are born a hellion with wings, you remain a fallen angel.

  8. Adele Uddo says:

    Wow, so well put Lady Demon! I can relate to everything you're saying. I've been a wanna be Angel all my life as well, only now beginning to appreciate more fully the colors I create outside the box… And after reading your thoughtful words last night, I pump my fist in solidarity back to you and say, We are Demons, hear us ROAR!

  9. Florentina says:

    Love, love, love this blog. So happy to connect with you! Xo's -Florentina

  10. Adele Uddo says:

    I love, love, love getting wonderful comments like yours bella. I too am really happy to connect with you xo

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