What Pumps Your Adrenaline?

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Today I have a special treat to kick off my new website (hope you all like!).

Recently, I enjoyed a stimulating dinner conversion with two of my dearest girlfriends, Dixie Longate, the red headed wonder and Tupperware saleswoman extraordinaire…


…and Mindschmootz (or Mary), another wonder woman of extraordinary heart,  mind

and guts!


Over more than a few cocktails, we discussed what turns us on, revs our engine, lights our fire…in essence, what produces that addictive bio-chemical that can simultaneously terrify and exhilarate: adrenaline.

Given that we all blog, we decided to write jointly on the topic. Before I reveal what excites me personally, I’ll first share a bit of what holds me back from living larger and having more fearless fun.

Growing up with a father in the fast lane, I began hitting the brakes early on, whenever we were in danger of spinning out of control. Alas, I’ve often found myself bracing for the other shoe to drop, rather than diving daringly into life’s ocean of opportunity.

Unlike my father, I’m often more careful than care-free, due in large part to a deep-seated fear of falling. This age-old aversion prevents me from participating in many activities that involve potential crash landings: rollerblading, snowboarding, water skiing. Basically, I’m no fan of anything that causes this wimp to wipeout.


My objection to falling is closely related to my fear of failing. Both involve feelings I prefer to avoid, namely pain and embarrassment. Nowadays, with my wildly successful career as a Super hand model, I run the risk of breaking not only bones, but also (god forbid) a nail!

While I may not be very ballsy, I’ve always been drawn to people with big cajones.  In grammar school, I was first intrigued by a girl named Rachel, who excelled at anything into which she put her mind (or fist). Rachel was a star athlete who beat the boys at sports (and beat up anyone she didn’t like), all the while looking glamorous in her ever-changing, highly fashionable wardrobe and perfectly placed feathered locks.

Post-Rachel, my primary crushes continue to be risk-taking, bad-ass, adrenaline-junky types. I get a rush every time I watch Matt Hoffman fly through the air on his BMX bike, or Shaun White defy gravity on his skateboard, or Kelly Slater ride the force of nature’s most powerful waves.

While I get real pleasure from spectator sports, oddly I’m more afraid of falling a few feet onto hard concrete than I am of tumbling through the air a few thousand feet above ground. Recently, I sky dived in Santa Barbara!

I’m not sure I can explain this strange paradox except to say that I figure if the parachute failed, I’d be dead on impact (without much pain or embarrassment). Guess I’m counting on better karma than that of a flattened fly on high-speed windshield this lifetime.

I’ve also found that shyness has caused me to shy away from confidently pursuing my bliss. I love singing and dancing, but more often show little ambition or willingness to bare my soul if others are watching.

Although I’ve clearly missed my chance to compete on So You Think You Can Dance  (my favorite TV show), dancing remains a primary passion. My mother’s too…


I remember watching her lose herself beautifully in movement, to the sounds of tribal drumming…and occasionally the wonders of psychedelics.


Dancing, much like catching a wave, connects me with something greater than myself. When I’m able to truly let go, it’s as if I’m being moved momentarily by a divine force that aligns my heart and soul in harmonious rhythm. During these liberations, every cell of my body feels truly alive!


Mother Nature similarly transports me with her magnificent moods. My most sacred revelations have come through the all-knowing trees and sounds of the sea.  Originally from New Orleans,  I miss the thunderstorms almost as much as my family. One of the most glorious moments of my life was on Lake Pontchartrain after a hurricane in my father’s boat…

The sky was electric, and the colors vibrant and vivid, as if angels were winking through the clouds.

Coming from a rich culinary background, great food and vino always light the fires within. I love nothing more than connecting with fascinating people to share ideas, insights and stories…. And I think you’ll agree that both Dixie and Mary are supreme examples if you click to read their thoughts on the topic at hand.

There’s always more to the conversation about what sparks the spirit, so if you’re inspired to share what fuels your fires, I’d love to hear in the “comments” section!

As for me, sure, I could push myself into other adrenaline packed avenues in order to overcome my old fear of falling. Still, I doubt you’ll EVER see me on roller skates!

With every part and all my heart,



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13 Responses to "What Pumps Your Adrenaline?"
  1. tp says:

    I am excited by ‘process.’ I love things that have lots of moving parts. Anything analog. Things that function mechanically but all of the mechanisms are visible to the naked eye. old cameras, old motorcycles, old anything.

    I am also excited by vulnerability. probably for the same reason. It’s the serene and human version of analog. It’s the stripping away of all outer layers until the basest of elements is the only thing left. Vulnerability like a bare light bulb, not apologizing for being bare. I think there are elements of that in skydiving, or bmx’ing or any extreme sport. It’s not the moment of the jump that appeals to our inner nature, I think. It’s not the landing that is so exciting. It’s the flying. That’s the vulnerable part.

    Another wonderful post, Adele. Thank you for forcing me to think about this stuff today. It really helped me out of some bad head space:)

    • Adele says:

      Tyler, you know how I love YOUR vulnerability…and of course your wonderful way with words. The more I strip down to the bare bulb as it were, you’re so right – I ‘apologize’ I lot less. I hope your head space soon soars to new heights 🙂 xo

    • Adele says:

      Dear Joni, thank you so much for your generosity! I’m reading this comment next time I feel crappy (or like a bad ‘cooker’). You know how much I admire YOUR passion for singing. Maybe one day I’ll get to dance while you make angel music 🙂 Keep giggling a loud (and eating healthy – cacao YUM). Let me know how your adventures with raw foods go! Muaah!

  2. joni says:

    Holy Gypsy~look at your mama dance!! I seriously remember us watching Janet (ms Jackson if yer nasty) shake it together, and if I’m not mistaken I think you can cop all those moves?!
    Deli you’re a great dancer looker writer model-er singer cooker speller party-er~you’re just such a WOMAN! I left out a ka jillion things that you’re gifted at, but I NEVER thought I’d see the day when you’d SKY DIVE?!
    Wow! That’s some super amazing sauce!
    What was it like……?!
    I am fantastically passionate about singing. Live. Recording…documenting. Writing. Tunes lyrics groovy & not so groovy thoughts. And at this time everything Cacao is floating my boat ! I am passionately pursuing a raw food diet that is pleasureful to the taste buds as well as delivering the most alkaline balance to my system! Health baby! Health is fascinating to me right now the mind body connection and getting our nutrients straight from the source as much as possible! You my lovely lady are a picture of HEALTH to me, and a dearheart to your core. I love you and love your blogs and always look forward to reading them as I know I will giggle out loud and look around wishing someone from HS was around to get the joke too!!!

  3. joni says:

    Hey there’s a little green man standing on my “i”!!!

  4. Monika Eads! says:

    Uuuuummm Utter fabulocity ladies! I had so much fun enjoying my coffee and learning what gets you ladies in a tingle. For me it would be spending any sum of money over $200. Maybe it’s because all my mother and stepfather fought about was money!? Or maybe it just feels so dangerous and wrong. I keep expecting to get in trouble for it and I don’t! But it sure scares the Hot Poop out of me! XOXO for sharing all your craz-A-ness! I want to go to a tupperware PARTY!!!

    • Adele says:

      Monikaaaah! I love seeing your changed last name Mrs. Eads 😉 Spending over $200 (guilt-free of course) does sound FUN – or ‘dangerous and wrong’ as you say. As soon as Dixie has a local Tupperware party, I’ll be sure to let you know! I think you would LOVE her.

  5. Sarah T says:

    Chippiiiie! (Aka Adele) I love hearing about what does-er doesnt-get your adrenaline going! You seem to have a lot of adrenaline pumping through your system: hot, fiery passion. So who needs extreme sports with you around?

    • Adele says:

      Haha! I like that Sarah T (Aka Chipiiiee). Perhaps if I had the balls to go with the fire, I’d be riding around on a skateboard right now.

  6. Lynn says:

    Or whether your tan is fake or you like to bake? counting on better karma than that of a flattened fly on high-speed windshield this lifetime? no fan of anything that causes this wimp to wipeout?

    you ARE HILARIOUS Adele Uddo and I am so happy that you write. You writing is exhilirating to me.

    I love you,

  7. tara says:

    i love your honesty and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos – the one of you with your dad on his back is just precious.

  8. this is my favorite blog to date adele. do i always say that? lots of things turn me on, but i have to say FOOD is number one (spoken by someone who owns a vegan cafe) another thing we have in common. and i also have a terrible fear of falling which is so ironic because i fall frequently. childhood stuff, no doubt. anyway, keep up the great stories, but i have to say the photos are priceless. i have never seen a young child with so much hair! jealousy abounds.

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