My Interview with Forbes

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Recently, I was shooting Christmas ornaments for a Target catalog in humid summer heat, when I received a phone call from a reporter at Forbes Magazine, who said she wanted to interview me for a story about parts modeling. I agreed to meet her the next day over coffee to discuss the wild world of […]

Love, With All My Parts

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I’ve always believed being beautiful would promise love and a life with less heartache. So I became a model…actually, a hand model. Technically speaking, a “parts” model, since at my height, I was fortunate to get a foot in the door of fashion… I thought that working in the beauty biz would bestow me with […]


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I suppose having no TV or “plastic, consumerist, stereotype-perpetuating” items (otherwise known as toys), forced me at a young age to find creative ways to entertain myself…like compulsive cleaning. Or getting crafty in the afternoon… In most every mention of my parent’s divorce, my mom said she got the kids while my father got the […]

The Whack Job on the Hand Job

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I’m a bit torn on whether or not to write about poor dear Ellen Sirot (aka the “creepy hand model” who’s CBS interview went viral last month), since I imagine by now she’s embarrassed enough by the public’s reaction to her apparent wacky ways. Ms Sirot is not the first Hand Diva I’ve encountered in […]

Hiding Behind Hands

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If you watch TV commercials or read magazines, you may have seen me twist lipstick, stroke cheeks, dip fries, swirl wine, fondle jewels, or swipe credit. Hi, I’m Adele and I’m a hand model. I didn’t plan this life for myself, you could say it was rather handed to me. As a kid, I never […]